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Molly Kulesz-Martin, Ph.D.
Symposium Director

David Norris, M.D.
Jackie Bickenbach, Ph.D.
Symposium Director Emeriti

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The overall objective of this joint meeting is to bring together PASPCR membership, with its primary focus on the advancement and dissemination of basic research on melanocytes and other pigment cells, with the investigative and clinical dermatology communities served by the Montagna Symposium. 

The program will include state-of-the-art talks and the newest data on animal and human model systems of pigmentation defects; pigment cells in embryonic development; pigment stem cell biology; immunology and the microenvironment in melanoma and vitiligo; the genetics of pigmentation disorders; signal transduction in pigmented cells; and the chemistry and toxicology related to the biology and disorders of the melanocyte.

Ample opportunity will be available for young investigators, including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, to present their recent advances in pigment cell biology, and to interact informally with peers, mentors, and leaders in the field. 

Program Chairs:

Sancy A. Leachman, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Dermatology
Oregon Health & Science University

Thomas J. Hornyak, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Dermatology
University of Maryland School of Medicine
PASPCR President

Session Chairs/Local Organizers:

Greg Barsh, MD, PhD, Stanford University
Boris Bastian, MD, University of California at San Francisco
Douglas Brash, PhD, Yale University
Pamela Cassidy, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Cynthia Cooper, PhD, Washington State University
James E. Cleaver, PhD, University of California, San Francisco
John D'Orazio, MD, PhD, University of Kentucky
Mayumi Fujita, MD, PhD, University of Colorado
Sheri Holmen, PhD, University of Utah
Arup Indra, PhD, Oregon State University
Kenneth Kraemer, MD, National Cancer Institute
Sancy Leachman, MD, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Caroline LePoole, PhD, Northwestern University
Roger Lo, MD, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Amanda Lund, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Prashiela Manga, PhD, New York University
William Pavan, PhD, National Human Genome Research Institute
Vijay Setaluri, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Funding for this conference was made possible (in part) by (2 R13AR009431-53) and (1 R13AR07429-01) from the National Institute Of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) and all cofunding support provided the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the National Institute of Environmental Sciences (NIEHS). The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention by trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.